Correx board printing: Why choose correx board printing?

Correx board printing is a one-of-a-kind printing technique that mixes corrugated paper with a polyester foundation. It is suitable for printing large banners, ads, and posters. It is also often used for printing signage.

The printing procedure for correx board comprises printing on polyester base sheets and then cutting the sheets to various dimensions. Correx boards are highly valuable for business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing initiatives due to their adaptability. This doubles as a cost-effective advertising is efficient in conveying your message to the intended audience at a reasonable price. All you need is a fundamental understanding of how correx boards function and the advantages they provide for your business. Let’s delve deeper into the benefits and operation of correx board printing to determine if it’s worth your investment.

What is correx board printing?

Correx board printing is a type of printing that utilizes specially-formulated paper known as correx. This paper is not prone to smudges or fingerprints, making it suitable for high-quality prints that are tough to produce with conventional printing methods. Printing on Correx board is environmentally beneficial because no inks or dyes containing solvents are used. Consequently, no water is required to generate the print, and the paper is not exposed to hazardous chemicals during the printing process. Additionally, correx board printing is resistant to water, humidity, and heat, making it excellent for outdoor usage. Correx board printing is gradually becoming one of the most popular forms of printing in workplaces and households throughout the world due to its adaptability and print quality.

Correx is a brand name for a twin-walled extruded polypropylene sheet that is frequently referred to as corrugated plastic. However, unlike corrugated cardboard, which consists of three layers, corrugated plastic is one-sided and has two flat printed faces that run through it.

These corrugated boards are inexpensive, lightweight, waterproof, and adaptable sign board that can be used for display boards or real estate signs. They are perfect for advertising at trade exhibitions, photo sessions, corporate events, and signs that require double-sided printing.

Corrugated Plastic Board Colours

Correx Board is a plastic board on which images and text are printed. Its great resistance to water and sunlight makes it perfect for printing images that must withstand exposure to both elements. This makes Correx Board an efficient printing material for businesses seeking to reduce expenses without sacrificing quality.

Correx Board is available in several colours tailored to meet your branding requirements. This makes it a good option for printing logos, promotional items, and other things that must be distinctive and eye-catching. In addition, Correx Board is less expensive than other printing technologies, such as offset printing, which may be up to five times more expensive. These characteristics make Correx Board a cost-effective option for organizations seeking effective and economical printing solutions.

Correx Board Sizes

The printing method known as “Correx board printing” makes use of a special correx board and has several applications. The correx board is resistant to water, oil, and other chemicals since it is comprised of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. As a result, it’s an excellent option for printing on a wide range of substrates.

Because it does not generate byproducts, printing on correx board is both versatile and environmentally beneficial. In conclusion, printing using correx boards provides an economical and eco-friendly alternative to traditional printing methods. It’s a flexible and efficient option for firms who need to cut costs without sacrificing quality.


What are the benefits of using correx board printing?

Printing on Correx board is an eco-friendly, low-cost option that yields long-lasting results. Water-based ink and a UV curing agent are used in the printing process for correx boards. This printing technology produces exceptionally vivid colors and crisp images. Cost-wise, it is preferable to other common printing processes like offset and screen printing. Time and money are spared as a result of the process’s swiftness and effectiveness. In addition, printing on correx board is ideal for mass producing high-quality prints in a short amount of time. The accuracy of prints made on correx boards is another advantage of this medium. Embossing, debossing, and silking are just some of the fancy finishes that may be applied to prints with this form of printing.

Advantages of using correx board printing

Printing on Correx board is an adaptable and inexpensive printing process with several advantages. Durability and consistency in printing on corrugated cardboard are two major benefits. It can withstand being printed on repeatedly without wearing down. As an added bonus, due to correx board’s resilience and longevity, it’s a more budget- and planet-friendly printing option than other materials.

Due to its capacity to survive repeated printing without degrading, correx board printing is appropriate for high-traffic areas. Additionally, this material is resistant to UV and moisture, making it excellent for usage in high-traffic locations including outdoor locations.

Overall, correx board printing is a cost-effective and efficient approach for printing on a variety of substrates, with significant advantages over other printing techniques.

Different types of correx boards available

When it comes to durability and user friendliness, Correx boards are hard to beat. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to meet your requirements. You can choose from a variety of convenient printing options for these boards. Correx boards can be used in damp locations without incurring damage. Correx boards are also recyclable, consume little ink, and are good for the environment. If you need sturdy, inexpensive backing for your printed posters, signs, or other promotional materials, corrugated plastic, or correx, is the way to go.

Why choose correx board over other printing materials?

In comparison to other printing media, Correx’s lightweight flexibility and exceptional qualities make it stand out. Printing high-quality banners, posters, and signs is a breeze with this versatile application because of the crisp, colorful results and flexible design options it provides. If you need to print photosensitive materials like for sale signs or posters, Correx board is a wonderful option because it is inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Printing on correx board is perfect for things like real estate sign boards because it yields sharp, lifelike graphics in a wide spectrum of vivid colors. Corrugated plastic, or correx, board is both sturdy and weatherproof, making it ideal for outdoor signs. In conclusion, correx board is highly sought after by the advertising industry due to its outstanding qualities, which make it the pinnacle of print media.

The Many Benefits of Correx Boards in Business

High-quality graphics and photographs print beautifully on Correx boards. They may be printed on a wide variety of substrates due to their low surface tension and resistance to water and other liquids. In addition to being durable and long-lasting, Correx boards are also good for the environment because they can be recycled several times.

Because of their low price and versatility, these boards are a great option for entrepreneurs who need to print images or artwork rapidly without breaking the bank. Correx boards are ideal for short-run printing in local enterprises due to their portability and ease of usage.

Why choose correx board printing for your business?

When compared to conventional printing methods, printing on Correx boards saves money, reduces waste, and may be scaled to accommodate a larger audience. The benefits it provides include wide format adaptability, accurate color reproduction, and high-quality prints. In addition to being durable, water resistant, and dirt and pest-proof, printing on Correx board has a long lifespan. In addition to these benefits, printing on correx boards is very simple to maintain. Because of this, it is often used in industries where cleanliness is of paramount importance. The speed and efficiency of correx board printing is another perk. Using correx boards, you may print in bulk without sacrificing quality thanks to the boards’ innovative printing technique. Last but not least, correx boards can be printed with custom designs to meet your company’s exact specifications. Correx board printing has many benefits and advantages that make it a good choice for commercial use.

Promotional Board Printing

Printing on Correx boards is a cheap method of advertising your company. The printing procedure is straightforward, taking only a few hours to finish. These planks can withstand the elements and are long-lasting, so they can be placed wherever outside. They can also be imprinted with your business’s name or motto.

Lightweight and durable wood composite materials are used to manufacture Correx boards, which are then put to use in advertising and marketing. Incorporating your company’s logo into the design makes them a one-of-a-kind promotional item. Correx boards are a fantastic solution for businesses who want to boost their brand awareness and customer interaction at a low cost.

Correx Board and Estate Agent Sticker printing.

Businesses and real estate agencies frequently utilize Correx Board to display available homes for sale or rent. Due of the correx board print’s longevity and low environmental impact, it is frequently used by eco-conscious real estate agencies and other enterprises. Prints made on correx board hold up well in rainy or humid situations because of their resistance to water and other weather elements.

With its plastic construction, Correx boards are both portable and user-friendly. Because of their low price, low impact on the environment, and high effectiveness, they are a wonderful choice for real estate brokers searching for inexpensive advertising. The printed correx board is great for promoting real estate of all sizes, from studio apartments to mansions. It’s simple to set up and you can personalize it with any design or text. Due to this, it is a powerful tool for advertising your company and drawing in new customers.

How much does it cost to print on correx boards?

Printing on Correx board is a high-resolution option, resulting in sharper, clearer images. The boards are constructed from a lightweight, corrosion- and moisture-resistant polymer. As a result, they are perfect for uses where both longevity and lightweightness are paramount. Due to its ease of use and quick turnaround time, this form of printing is a great option for busy work environments.

The boards have a wide range of potential uses, from marketing to advertising material to signage. Because of their low price and ease of use, they’re perfect for firms that need to cut costs without sacrificing quality. At SignUp Media, we offer the lowest prices in South Africa for printing on Correx boards. To all provinces, we deliver nothing but the best every time. Whether you’re a shop needing an affordable advertising solution or a real estate agency looking to promote a listing, SignUp Media has you covered. Moreover, our prices are the lowest you’ll find in all of South Africa.

Correx Boards and Estate Agent Boards

Correx boards are a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to rigid plastic estate agent boards. They’re made from a composite material that is both lightweight and strong, making them ideal for outdoor signage applications. Correx boards are water-resistant, making them perfect for estate agent boards and other indoor signage applications in harsh environments.

Correx boards have vivid colors, high-resolution printing, and durable ink that makes them suitable for advertising campaigns and marketing campaigns. Their ease of use, environmental friendliness, and durability make them an ideal choice for advertisers of all sizes. Correx boards can be custom designed to meet specific needs, allowing you to create the perfect board for your campaign or business.

Correx Board Printing in Durban

At SignUp Media, we offer custom printing of Correx Boards with your design at the best prices. Correx boards are perfect for printing banners, posters, and advertisements. These boards are durable, flexible, and can be customized with a variety of materials. They’re also easy to use and are cost-effective, making them a great choice for businesses of all sizes. If you’re interested in getting Correx boards printed, please let our experts know! We’ll be happy to answer any questions and provide recommendations tailored to your needs and budget. Our team can help you find the best solution for your project and create something truly unique and memorable.

Get in touch with our experts by visiting our website or calling us on +27 81 374 6042. With years of experience in the printing industry, we can help you create a board that perfectly encapsulates your vision and message!

Frequently Asked Questions

The key specifications of correx board printing are as follows:

  1. Correx board printing is a high-quality printing process that uses a special paper.
  2. The ink is resistant to water and other elements, and the prints are fade-resistant.
  3. The process is environmentally friendly and does not require any chemicals or solvents.
  4. The prints produced by correx board printing are durable and look great.

There are a few benefits of using correx board printing. For one, the print quality is always excellent due to the use of special paper. Additionally, the boards are easy to handle and can be printed in a variety of colors. They are also water resistant, making them perfect for signage, real estate signs, and marketing materials.

Correx board printing can be used for a variety of applications, including: – Real Estate Signs – Sign Making – Product Promotions & Much More!

There are several reasons why correx board printing is considered to be a better option than other types of printing. One reason is that correx board printing is a high-quality printing process that uses a special paper. The ink is applied to the surface of the paper using a heat press, which results in a more durable print and prevents ink from spreading. In addition, other types of printing, such as offset printing, may result in lower quality prints.

Yes, you can print on Correx boards. Correx boards are made of a plastic that is resistant to moisture and chlorine corrosion. The surface of the boards is also non-toxic, so it is safe to handle. With correx printing, you can print text, graphics, photos, and more.

Correx board printing is a type of printing that uses a special type of board. This type of board is often used for high-quality printing applications, as it is faster and more accurate than other types of printing.

At SignUp Media we offer high quality Correx Board Printing. You supply us with your artwork or design and we will print it onto the correx board and ship it to your door!

Yes, if you based in Durban then you are in luck! SignUp Media offers high quality real estate signage printing on correx boards at the best prices! Durban customers can arrange to pickup their orders from our offices to save on shipping.


In conclusion, correx board printing is a cost-effective and environment-friendly alternative to acrylic signage material. It is durable, lightweight, and waterproof. It also allows for high-quality graphics and images while requiring minimal maintenance. As such, it has seen a rise in popularity in the signage industry over the years. If you want your business to stand out among the crowd, choosing correx board printing as your signage solution is a good place to start. Get quotes from our experts today!

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